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Brooklyn, NY
United States



music  I've been a musician for more than 20 years, with over a decade of studio experience and competencies ranging from studio engineering to classical (and any other kind of) guitar, vocals, drums, and electric bass. Let's make a record. 

photography I got serious about taking pictures 5 years ago, and focused in on portraits right away. I love working with people to get personality across, and I've always thought that portraits produce the most storied images. If you're interested in a headshot or portrait session, please contact me above.

everything else I'm an amateur when it comes to art, video, writing senseless columns, and other miscellaneous projects, but it doesn't keep me from always keeping a few random things going on the side. Want to collaborate on something? I'd love to. Email me. When something turns out especially well and I feel like sharing, you'll probably see it up here for a bit.