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hotel sessions


  I've made this record freely available to stream and download online.

But it wasn't free to make.

I've been really touched by the requests friends and fans have made to pitch in. If you'd like to help me out as an artist, the best way to do that is to donate and I"ll send you the vinyl! 

$30 - The Hotel Sessions LP

Numbered out of 275, you'll get beautiful black vinyl in a unique, screen-printed jacket (really, every single one is different). This record was imagined from day one as an LP, and that has influenced decisions at every stage in its production. You'll also get the digital files emailed to you when you order, so you can get excited about how great it's going to sound on your record player (hint: better). 


And of course, if you feel so inclined and want to donate more, I appreciate all the support I can get. If I sell my entire run at $25 a record + $5 shipping, I still won't quite break even, so every extra bit helps.



for helping me pull this together. The support means more than I can say. 

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